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The Best Doughnut I ever Ate

Doughnut Plant

Mmmm, doughnuts…

The best doughnut I ever ate (so far anyways) was from Doughnut Plant in NYC.  I was on one of my many trips to NYC to visit my sibling who both live in Brooklyn.  My Mom, who might argue the homemade cake donuts at the Dartmouth Ski Way are the best, came down from Boston to meet me.  We got up early and made a pilgrimage to the lower east side.  It was a pilgrimage because what else do you go to the lower east side for at 10 in the morning.  And I was told to get there early because there would be a line, and they do sell out.  I hate lines so why not be the first one there.  My mom is a good sport.  She helped me carry the extra doughnuts that I bought to bring home to my husband.  We carried them all over the city that day.  They were the most well traveled doughnuts ever by the time they got home to Jason in Park City that night.  But back to the doughnut.  It was peanut butter and jelly.  What was amazing to me is that the doughnut was jelly filled and yet there was still a hole in the middle!  The hole in the middle makes it so you are not loosing your jelly all over the place.  Brilliant!  A perfectly pillowy yeast doughnut with homemade jelly filling and peanut butter glaze.  Light and chewy and delicious.

There are a few more things to do on the lower east side.  We hit up Economy Candy which is a sugar addicts dream come true.  Every nostalgic candy you could possibly imagine all crammed into a shop the size of my bedroom.  The place is a tiny candy closet with candy all they way up to the ceiling!  We also ventured over to the Essex Street Market to eat the famous pumpkin pancakes at Shopsins.  But, they were closed.  So we headed over to Katz’s Deli because I had never been there, and everyone should go there at least once in their life.  Especially if you are Jewish.  It was a mouthful of comfort food deliciousness.  Pastrami and Knishes and Pickles.  I truly believe you should eat the house specialty when you go to a place like that so I did.  And of course I had my mom there to help with variety.  I also believe you should always have someone to eat with because then you get to eat their food, too.

Oh Mai!

My friend San San said there are good bagels in Midway.  I said “ha! You wouldn’t know a good bagels if it hit you in the head!”.  She’s from Massachusetts.  And she’s Asian.  I’m from Eastern Massachusetts, and by that I mean Boston.  And I’m Jewish.  Now, when she told me about the best Banh Mi at Oh Mai in Salt Lake I said “I believe every word you say…and I want to go to there”.  And I did.  And Oh Mai!  It was everything she said it would be.  After a few bites of my Honey Sweet Pork Banh Mi my tongue was tingling.  And by the time I ate my last bite it was satisfyingly on fire.  And as I ate my masterpiece of a sandwich, chewy bread, sweet pork, vinegary dressing, I kept thinking just one more bite.  One more perfectly crunchy on the outside and pillowy soft on the inside bite.  San San told me the sandwiches were so big she never finishes hers and she brings the rest home to her husband. I got Jason his own because there was no way I was going to share.  I guess that’s why she’s a size 2 and I’m a size 10…